Training in the Music House approach

For educators and musicians wishing to learn how to implement a holistic, personalized approach to music learning. Training will teach you how to:

  • re-imagine the purpose of the music lesson

  • create a holistic learning environment in which to discover and develop overall musicianship

  • help the student discover his/her particular musical inclination

  • frame experiences that help a student develop his/her musical ear

  • empower students to solve problems and figure things out for themselves

  • enable the student to have ownership of his/her music learning

book talks

Sing It! A Biography of Pete Seeger, Seven Stories Press (July, 2016)

"Teaching young students about the work and is as important as teaching them about Abraham Lincoln. Thanks to Meryl Danziger for writing this book."

—Roger McGuinn, lead singer and guitarist of the Byrds

Now more than ever, young people need to feel inspired and empowered to make change in the world, and what better example of how to go about it than the ultimate activist: Pete Seeger! If you want to play a part in passing on his legacy of social and environmental awareness, Meryl Danziger will be happy to give a book talk at your school or organization.


Workshops/seminar /Retreats

Sessions are for:

  • musicians wishing to develop their ear and learn other applicable skills that will enable a variety of participatory musical experiences

  • people who believe they have no musical ability and have been discouraged from musical development


Music House offers personal consulting to:

  • schools and other organizations wishing to offer courses for children and/or seminars for their faculty

  • parents of young children wishing to become the facilitators of their children’s early musical development