Music House Weekly
Whether you are a performer looking for remedial help, a person whose early music lessons way back when left a bad taste, or someone finally feeling ready to begin her musical unfolding, Music House offers the ideal environment for the adult wishing to explore his or her inner musician.

  • have a musical experience tailored to your needs, interests and abilities

  • learn to play by earimprovise and understand music theory

  • explore a wide variety of instruments

  • acquire the tools and experience to enrich your life through music

  • feel inspired by every session

  • develop musical competence and confidence

  • experience the joy and rewards of being a music maker

Music Plus
More than an instrument lessonHave you always fancied yourself a guitarist? Maybe you see yourself “Tickling the ivories” on the piano? Or perhaps working toward playing the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto? Whichever instrument is your potential soul mate, Music Plus will get you started in a unique way. Music Plus offers lessons to students beginning piano, guitar and violin. The goal is to develop not only the instrumentalist, but the musician, and enhance your learning through a variety of holistic experiences.You will be able to:

  • Explore instruments related to your instrument of choice

  • Discover the relationships among different instruments

  • Learn to play by ear

  • Discover how easy note reading can be when taught holistically

  • Learn about performers, composers and genres related to your instrument


Beginning Music for Parents and Care-Givers of Toddlers

My two year-old just loves music! You should see him plunking on our piano and strumming his toy guitar. I think he might have some talent. What should we do? Excellent question! But the answer may surprise you.  Learn how to create the ideal environment for your young child’s musical beginnings right in your own home! This six-week session will take you through the steps of becoming an empowered musical care provider.
 You will:

  • Learn to understand the value of informal musical exposure

  • Develop comfort with instrumental exploration, listening activities and ideas for providing musical exposure that you will want to do with your child

  • Discover how to use the piano as a teaching tool

  • Get ideas for acquiring musical equipment

… and lots more.Give your child the gift of growing up in the musical environment you wish you had had. You will be amazed at how simple it is.